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“Love in the Afternoon” is a daily celebration of vibrant diversity displayed by Philadelphia residents and visitors through the lens of an ardent lover of public art.

This is an experiment in narrowly focused art blogging, inspired by sites like Skull-a-Day, The Sartorialist, and Streets Dept. The goal is to take something ubiquitous in the Philadelphia scene, something so commonplace that most Philadelphians reflexively ignore it, and attempt to see it through new eyes. Many residents view sites like Love Park as merely tourist destinations to be ignored by “sophisticated urban dwellers.” My goal is to really look at what happens there: to quietly document visitors – and some residents – in the very act of documenting one another.

Of course, this is all approached with respect and honor. The goal is to more clearly see the raw beauty of humanity through this study. To highlight and to observe who we truly are in all our diverse forms, fashions, and relationships. To capture our expressions and our gestures as we are casually posing for and photographing one another in a public place. To observe and record with love the nearly infinite stream of strangers that pass through this park every day.

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